Nature beckons you to living life in its fullness Rediscover yourself , your family and enjoy ultimate no holds barred freedom in a relaxed informal atmosphere where natural beauty is in abundance
Come back to nature and Listen to new music, composed and orchestrated by nature Sing along with birds on the tree Feel the nippy fresh air on your face Herd the sheep and feed the chicken in the fields Chase the butterflies in the gardens
Come back and fall in love with nature, Come back to where fitness, beauty and nutrition blends with nature, informality and relaxation to revitalize your body, your mind and your soul


We as socially responsible citizens of India, Pledge to Spread and ensure one million Households would eat Organic by 2020 under this campaign and thus improve health & ecological standards of the country.

About us

Vrindavan Organic Farms Pvt. Ltd is an award winning startup venture being acclaimed by the Indian Startup’s Association for being the Most Innovative Startup venture in 2015 & Most ethical Company & Best Social Awareness initiative in 2015
The management team headed by Mr. Harsh Vaidya, who is the Managing Director of the company, has hired a team of Best Industry professionals to ensure no stone is left unturned while delivering the end product with 100% precision & customer satisfaction.
At a very early stage the company had attracted a number of Angel investors namely
    A. Vistar Offshore Incubation Fund
    B. Seed catalyst
    C. 3rd Capital Ventures (Dubai).

The Team of Superlatives: Our core strength lies in our Associates & Partner organizations
    1. World’s largest social organization – The Rotaract club (Social Awareness Partner)
    2. India's Oldest and the Biggest Legal Organization - Mulla & Mulla (Legal consultant)
    3. India's biggest Horticulture consultants - Go Green Nursery (Horticulture consultants)
    4. India’s Most Trusted & undoubtedly the Biggest Organic Certification Brand – Eco cert (Organic Certification Parner)
    5. India's oldest Studio Brand - Vrindavan Studios Pvt Ltd (Brand Equity Partner)

Our Associates

1. Mulla & Mulla (Legal Solicitors)
2. The Rotary Club (Social awareness)
3. The Innerwheel Club(Social Awareness amongst Ladies)
4. Jann Sahai Kendra (natropathy ashram Charitable Trust)
5. Go Green Nursery (Horticulture Experts)
6. Eco Cert (Organic Certification)
7. Vrindavan Studios Pvt Ltd (Brand Equity)


-Organic Tourism

The Weekend Farms is a different weekend experience which the city goers would get to experience. Situated at 3 picturesque locations near Mumbai, There are multiple exciting attractions here namely 

  1. Organic Farming tutorials & education on how to grow greens at home 
  2. Tractor safari
  3. Jump into the well
  4. Stay in the Village mud house
  5. Traditional organic food
  6. Play with various domestic animals like hen, cows, sheep, goats, pigs etc
  7. Bullock cart ride to the farm from the station

-Farm development

Do you have acres of unutilized Barren Agriculture Land? Then Put that land to its best use and contribute to the Organic ecosystem & Generate income out of it. We can help you cultivate Organic crops, maintain them and also create an Organic Tourism Hot spot at your unutilized farm house, village land and any Plots owned by you. For more details send us your details on

-Terrace Gardens

With the increase in the population in the cities the food supply of Natural & Organic Greens on a regular basis is becoming a challenge.

We at the Weekend Farms help you develop a terrace garden on your Society Roof top and ensure that your entire society enjoys Fresh & Regular supply of Greens from your building roof top.

The technology & the method used to grow vegetables on the Terrace is BMC compliant and also include using of the wet waste from the residents by making Compost out of it.

For more details send us your details on

-Vertical Gardens

Looking at the Alarming levels of pollution in the city, it has become very important to take certain immediate steps towards maintaining the ecological balance by growing more trees around. However due to lack of space to grow enough carbon inhaling plants & Trees has become difficult.

We at the weekend farms have got into a Public Private Partnership (PPP Model) with the BMC & MMRDA to create vertical Gardens at various locations with Tulsi plants all over it which absorbs all the carbon and harmful gases from the air and exhales oxygen.

The Vertical walls not only add in to the aesthetic beauty of the place but help to balance the ever polluted air levels too.

For more details send us your details on

  • In the Pre Independence era, The Indian farmer practiced the traditional way of farming with where he manually ploughed, seeded and harvested crops using Natural seeds, Fertilizers & pesticides to cultivate Best quality of Grains, Fruits & Vegetables.
    Though the produce was limited and the process was Slow, The output was of excellent quality full of Natural Nutrients, taste and color.
  • The ever increasing population in the country & the deficit of adequate amount of food led to The Green Revolution in 1960s. The farmers were encouraged to use the modern methods of farming like the use of advanced techniques, High Yield variety seeds, Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides.
  • The Green Revolution did lead to increase in the production of grains, fruits & vegetables and made India self sufficient to overcome chronic food defects.
  • However due to the rise in use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers there were negative effects on the soil and the water table and thus led to land degradation over the years making the output Toxic, unhealthy & without any nutrients.
  • Having achieved the Self sufficiency it is also our social responsibility to ensure the environment isn’t harmed further.
  • With the Advanced & Modern techniques of farming and using the Natural fertilizers & Pesticides the new age produce is being famous as the Organic Produce.
  • The Organic produce is not only Healthy to eat, Good to taste and colorful but it also safeguards the different types of pollutions to the ecosystem.
  • The Benefits of Organic farming area as under
        • Better Nutrition
        • Free of poison
        • Enhanced taste
        • Longer Shelf Life
  • We hereby pledge more & more citizens to opt for The Green Evolution & live a healthier life.


    Business Ethics &
    Social Awareness

    The Most Innovative Startup Concept of The Year 2015

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    It is a different weekend experience which the city goers would get to experience.

    Corporate Office Address: 192/B Vainatheya, S.V. Road, Irla, Vile Parle(W), Mumbai - 400 056.

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